The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine measures imposed in the majority of European countries have highlighted a fundamental necessity of third sector social organizations (TSS): the capacity for the strategic & effective use of digital skills and technologies (DST).TSS working with vulnerable groups are having to quickly adjust their modus operandi in order to i) keep providing key services while promoting the safety of their target groups&staff; ii) create innovative solutions for new challenges and iii) ensure their sustainability within this unprecedented context. Moreover, there is a pressing need to align strategies & procedures between governmental, private and third sectors, in order to i) address current challenges; ii) prepare for future scenarios where contingency measures might need to be put into place and iii) maintain transparent collaboration and democratic governance. EU3Digital is an international resource designed to develop more strategic and integrated use of digital competences in order to improve basic & transversal skills of third social sector leaders, employees, and young professionals. This program will make pre-existing training materials on TSS specific competences available on an open-access knowledge centre. It will make available a kit of tools and methodologies designed to prepare TSS organizations for the need to build customized contingency plans that promote effective inter-sectorial collaboration.



Data início

2020 - 11

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2023 - 04

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ESLIDER Portugal, Associação

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Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto


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