This Knowledge Alliance will create an international educational and training method offering participants the opportunity to engage with professional environments, learning how research can be the basis for innovative professional practices and what businesses in the field of planning, architecture and urban design require from academia. Successful enterprises in Europe have made research outputs the core element of their practice to address pressing urban challenges including sustainability, mobility, health and social cohesion. Such practices are ever more sought after by designers and authorities to ensure successful and sustainable results in urban design and governance. KAEBUP’s partners comprise HEIs, NGOs and enterprises from different European cities, who have expertise of evidence-based design and wish to strengthen the links between businesses and HEIs to mutually benefit from the tools that research can provide to enterprises and from the experience of evidence-based practice. The Alliance will support an educational system providing students with the skills to enter the professional world and inspiring HEI staff to innovate through research. KAEBUP will achieve its objectives by implementing three ‘pathways to evidence-based urban practice’: 1.



Data início

2021 - 01

Data de conclusão prevista

2023 - 12

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University of Cyprus

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Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto


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