Ana Margarida Vaz Duarte Oliveira e Sá

Professor Auxiliar


Serviço Administrativo
Construções Civis

Centro de I&D

Main research interest:
Building physics, building Technology , building pathology and building rehabilitation.

Present post (funções):
Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of FEUP, since 2008; Member of the “Ordem dos Engenheiros” – Portugal since 2005; Ph.D. since 2013.

Academic Degrees (formação académica):
Graduate in Civil Engineering (2002), M.Sc. in Buildings Rehabilitation (2007), Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2013), all at FEUP, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal.

Education (atividade letiva):
Assistant at FEUP, (2005/2011),  Assistant Professor at FEUP, since 2011, teaching in Civil Engineering:Technical drawing and Project FEUP – 1º year, 1º semester; Architecture – 2º year, 2º semester; Building Physics – 3º year, 1º semester; Construction Technology – 3º year, 2º semester; Project Management – 4º year, 1º semester; Construction and Safety Management – 4º year, 2º semester and Master Theses Orientation in Civil Engineering – 5º year, 1º or 2º semester also being other Theses Judge.

Projects (projetos):
Involved in a National FCT project: PTDC/ENR/68224/2006 (October2007/December2010) – Doctoral Scholarship. Involved with an international project: H-KNOW – Grant agreement ID: 214567, Funded under FP7-NMP (January2009/December2011).

Publications (publicações):
1 international book, 1 international book chapters, 3 papers published in international refereed journals, 2 papers published in national refereed journals and more than 20 papers published in international and national conferences.

Other Scientific Activities (outras atividades científicas):
Co-organizer of 2 editions of the Conference on Construction Management – GESCON2008 and Construction Technology TECCON2009.

Expert and technical opinion court

Awards (prémios):
Diploma de Reconhecimento Científico 2019.