Zhen Sun


Centro de I&D

Zhen Sun received his PhD in Yokohama National University, Japan. He mainly conducts research on safety and reliability of bridges exposed to operational loads such as temperature, wind and vehicles.  Before that, he obtained his bachelor and master degree from Shandong University and Tongji University, in China.

Between 2013 and 2020, he worked as a project manager in a research institute in China. He worked primarily on structural health monitoring and load carrying capacity of bridges. Examples of the projects includes 1) Investigation on Premature Failure of Expansion joints in Cable-supported Bridges; 2) Damage of suspenders and the replacement in suspension bridge; 3) Condition assessment of girder bridges with moving vehicle loads; 4) Reliability-based truck load rating for urban bridges; 5) Conndition assessment of long span bridges with monitoring data.


Zhen Sun is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Department of Civil Engineering, FEUP, University of Porto.
His  main research interests include
(1) Structural dynamics, structural health monitoring;
(2) Damage detection and load carrying capacity evaluation of girder bridges under vehicle loads;
(3) Data-based condition assessment of cable-supported bridges.